Fact points out that geographical situation will regard environmental condition – weather until life style – meanwhile environmental will regard someone life behaviour. 

Condition of atmosfir one environment – good or bad – is measured up on its causal factor. The difference this factor evoke impact that variably its quality among one environment with environmentally another. 

Environmental impact can regard hayati’s life ecosystem, and in the end will impacted on psychological state, health until someone mentality. Analysis as it constitutes basic be formed by it Consultant Designs PT. Tapak Bumi.

As solution of impact investigation and effect that happening on environment, Tapak Bumi to give balance concept via designs and technology.  With this concept human relationship, house and environments becomes harmony. Chastened man for posed sharp-witted and can compromise with nature / environmentally. 



author : das albantani

contributor : fardiyan amar moro, muhammad alif, rizka chaerani, muhammad rizki